Lower Priced Power: Just a “Shop Around Away in NSW

The power of 10 energy retailers flows through the electricity and gas infrastructure of NSW. Each one supplies the same thing; power for your home or business; but which one is the power company for you?

There are over 3 million residential energy customers in New South Wales.

Are you one of them?

Are you content with what you pay now?

There are more than 350,000 commercial / business energy customers here too.

Are you one of them?

Are you looking to cut costs without cutting corners?

Would you like to shop around?

Who we are:

Shoparound.com.au are electricity supply comparison experts. We partner with more electricity retailers. This means more options for you, and best of all, it means we have real negotiating power. Our partners want to win you over, whether yours is an apartment, a house, whether you want to connect for the first time or make a switch, we’re here to help.

Our purpose:

  • We want you to see what our energy retail partners have to offer.
  • We want you to see how much you could save.
  • We want to provide you with our fast, free, and zero obligation comparison service. Energy prices are rising, we want you to lock in your savings now!

In Sydney/NSW there is a recommended charge rate on energy, a rate regulated by Government i.e. “the regulated rate.” Energy suppliers could charge a rate cheaper than this regulated rate (but they tend not to).


The best route to lowering energy costs for your NSW based home or business is by running a comparison with us and finding a supplier offering discounts more suited to your usage, your lifestyle, your pocket.

You could spend days wading through the various tariffs and discounts on offer – Or you could quickly fill out our form and click send. The results back in an instant.

We invite you to use us today

We want you to know:

It is not just the lesser known firms we deal with. Our partners include “The Big Four”

We give you the true picture of your most competitive price options in seconds.

We work for you, all independent, all the time, brokering, negotiating for you.

When our partners’ best negotiated offer wins you over, they pay us, you never pay

Our service is free.

Switching is free of cost.

Switching is hassle free

An Energy Expert in our Australian Call Centre is eager to take your call – Freephone 1 300 650 327

Go on, make your day, call us or fill in our online form right now

Moving home?

Moving home

Why not use ShopAround’s great service to organise your new power & gas supply before you move home!

*Disclaimer: ShopAround.com.au compares your electricity and gas rates with the rates of our electricity and gas partner retailers. We do not compare rates from all the electricity and gas suppliers and cannot guarantee the cheapest price. Discounts shown from our participating suppliers vary between consumers depending on distribution areas, residing state, residential/commercial meter type, and their current retail discount.
We are currently in the process of updating our rates, please check back shortly...
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