Lucky you – Victoria residents get the best Energy Deals

Unlucky for some, but lucky for those seeking tidy sums cut off their power bills; 13 energy retailers supply the residents and businesses of Victoria / Melbourne. That’s 13 operators, each with an assortment of electricity rates and discounts. Want to get lucky?

There are over 2.1 million residential energy customers in Victoria.

Are you amongst them?

Would you like to pay less than what you pay now?

There are more than 300,000 commercial / business energy customers in Victoria.

Are you in the business of making money?

Are you in the business of saving money?

Care to shop around with us?

About us: are electricity supply comparison experts. We have working relationships stretching across 10 electricity retailers in Australia. These retailers are hungry for your custom and pay us when we demonstrate to you their best offer, and you choose to accept that offer by making a simple, quick, and ultra convenient switch.

More electricity retail partners = More bargaining power

We’ve negotiated great deals for Victoria residents and business owners

Each partner wants to win you over

Are you open to being won over?

Fill in our form and you’ll see in plain view any better offers out there for you.

The great thing about being an electricty user in Victoria is that this is the only fully deregulated electricity market in Australia. That means no Government regulation of service fees, supply charges and energy costs. That creates an equation you’re going to love:

13 electricity retailers in Victoria + Deregulated Energy Market = Intense competition

That means bargain time for you!

  • We’d like to show you what’s on offer to you
  • We want you to know the potential savings out there.
  • We’re energy comparison experts, our brokers have all the answers
  • We don’t want you to waste your precious time comparing all alone
  • We want you to lock in your savings today!

What do you want?

We invite you to Freecall an energy broker in our Australian call centre on 1 300 650 327

For an Accurate to the minute
Zero Obligation
Free of Fees
Comparison Quote

Why us?

Why not go with a door knocker, or a cold caller flogging their utility company’s offer?

They represent one offer – We represent many

Our partners include “The Big Four”

We present to you the true picture of your most competitive price options in just seconds.

We work for you, indepently brokering and negotiating for you

Our service is free.

Switching is free, and it’s hassle free too.

Like to see what’s out there?

Come on, shop around with us and find a great deal

Put some money back in your pocket today

Moving home?

Moving home

Why not use ShopAround’s great service to organise your new power & gas supply before you move home!

*Disclaimer: compares your electricity and gas rates with the rates of our electricity and gas partner retailers. We do not compare rates from all the electricity and gas suppliers and cannot guarantee the cheapest price. Discounts shown from our participating suppliers vary between consumers depending on distribution areas, residing state, residential/commercial meter type, and their current retail discount.
We are currently in the process of updating our rates, please check back shortly...
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